One word. Masturbator.

Don’t give me that look; it’s nothing new. Well, perhaps a masturbator TOY is new to you. Not an actual person who masturbates, THAT should be nothing new to you. If you’re familiar with reading romance or just lonely on a Saturday night with nothing to do, one or both of those things mentioned might be involved.

Welcome to Sex Ed. A journey of self-discovery in more way than one. I introduce Jaxson Dane, and his penis, who happens to steal the show at the start of the book. I shall say no more, but if the thought of trapping a well loved private body part in a manual sex toy makes you cringe, maybe you should jump ahead. Perhaps Jaxson Dane, the lovable, geeky, comic book lover, should have taken my sex-ed 101 class. I make one hell of a teacher.

But when Jaxson meets Tyler Mason, the sexy ER nurse, sex education is now in session. But Tyler may not be the only one trying to give Jaxson lessons. There are his no-filtered family members and intrusive co-workers, who all have Jaxson’s best interest at heart. But Jaxson always manages to find himself is riDICKules situations in his quest to get an A+ from his teacher, Tyler.

In this tale of the comic book artist wanna-be, you will encounter:

  1. A memorial trip to the emergency room.
  2. A lesson about not accepting drinks from a sleazy guy at a gay dance club.
  3. Valuable tips on how to appreciate someone’s banana.
  4. How you will never look at Lo Main and chopsticks the same ever again.

But most important, sometimes you need to look inside yourself, overcome your insecurities and self-doubt, to fall for the superhero of your dreams.

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